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GenCon update 2

Update #2 – Welcome back!

A company named Calliope graced Gencon with its presence this year, and danced around the halls, tossing their games into the air and singing songs about how wonderful they are.

Well, not really.

But Calliope does sell some awesome games. Every game that stands on their shelves is under an hour of gameplay, for 2-6 players, and under $30. If any game they’re looking at purchasing doesn’t match these requirements, it’s gone. Calliope’s goal is to make their games fun and affordable for anybody who picks them up, whether they be student or parent, kid or adult, normal person or executive, Calliope has a game to match. Most of the games are family-oriented – not a lot of hard strategy, but enough to keep everybody interested. They’re quick, easy games that anybody can learn and play quickly.

One of Calliope’s new ones is Ugh!, a game of creating sets. It’s the Stone Age, and everybody needs one caveman, one pet, and one house to complete a set. The cards are color-coded, so one green card, one orange, one purple, and you’re done. But the cards are numbered 1-5, and the numbers in your sets are multiplied for points. If you get a level 3 house, a level 4 caveman, but only a level 1 pet – that’s great. You have 12 points towards winning the game!

However, like all games, there is a catch. One out of every four cards in the deck is an Ugh card, which makes you end your turn. There are worse Ugh cards, and those can cause you to discard up to three cards… and there goes your set. Collect colors and watch out for card-stealing opponents – or you’ll be saying Ugh!, too!

Another Calliope special is Double Double Dominoes, a blend of Scrabble and normal Dominoes. Dominoes are laid end to end on a board full of squares. A little less than half the squares on the board have a point number assigned to them. The numbers rank from 1 to 4, and are added to a player’s score when they cover that square with a domino. In addition, the scoring track is made up of domino pictures, and points are counted by moving pawns the correct number of squares. The number of pips (black dots) on the squares your pawn lands on tells you something else: whenever a domino with that number is played, your pawn moves ahead three spaces. Easy to learn and easy to play, Double Double Dominoes is sure to be a new family classic.

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GenCon update 1

Our woman on the scene at GenCon, Becca, has sent her first update. Here it is:

Welcome, one and all, to the best four days in gaming!

Gencon LLC began over 40 years ago as a game gathering between friends. Since then, it has outgrown its original town in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, as well as the larger hall it moved to in 1985, the Milwaukee Convention Center. [Editor’s note: It also spent a couple of years at University of Wisconsin Parkside before it moved to Milwaukee – I know, I attended during one of those years!] Eventually, Gencon settled in Indianapolis, Indiana, about a two and a half hour drive south from Fort Wayne.

Gencon houses over 8,500 gaming events, including RPGs (Role-Playing Games), LARPs (Live-Action Role-Playing games), board games, card games, video games and more. Game designers, artists, and writers of the gaming world turn up to give seminars, autograph books and pictures, and answer questions about what they do. Attendees show off their best clothes and go head-to-head in Gencon’s Costume Contest, and game companies take their chances to roll out the red carpet and introduce the world to their newest lineups.

The latest book to join the Wizard of the Coast (WotC) family is Neverwinter, a new Dungeons and Dragons addition. Neverwinter used to be a city, once upon a time, but war ravished it, leaving its streets broken and deserted. Now, three power-hungry factions have risen to lay claim to the shards of Neverwinter. Their battlecry: “Vie for glory!”

However, a shiny new book isn’t all that WotC has blessed Neverwinter with. WotC’s line of Encounters – small, 1-2 hour role-playing sessions designed for stores – will also receive new campaigns in August, tying them into the Neverwinter theme. The D&D Encounters line is a lighter, more story-controlled version of role-playing. It’s designed to give players a taste of what the “real games” are like, and take about half the time of a normal game to do it. The Encounters system was released in March of 2010, and will be updated with the Neverwinter release in August and October.

Outside of the Neverwinter releases, WotC also announced the release of a board game: the Legend of Drizzt. Running from 1 to 2 hours, the Legend of Drizzt is like a role-playing game, but instead of imagining the adventure, players move figures through puzzle-shaped dungeon boards. These boards can be mixed with dungeon crawls from the other D&D Adventure System boardgames, “Castle Ravenloft” and “the Wrath of Ashardalon”.

WotC’s rounds out their celebration with a set of Fortune Cards – booster packs of cards that change the fates. They can be used in almost any D&D game – from Encounters, to normal RPGs, to the Adventure boardgames. Players can collect specific Fortune Cards, or randomly pick packs and play with those. The new cards have been available in stores since July 2011.


More to come from Becca as she digs through the piles of games to find the best stuff!

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Z-Type – The Game

Need to practice your typing?  Like to blow things up?  Z-Type is the game for you.  Approaching enemies each have a word associated with them and you type it to blow them up.  Thanks to Sam O. for bringing this to our attention.  As he says, “Play it.”


February 16, 2011 at 4:33 pm 1 comment

Entanglement – Game

This game has an element of Zen to it – see how far you can extend the path without running into the wall (or the center stone). I’m sure there are many layers of strategy to figure out here – like how to plan for the end when things are getting tricky – but I’m definitely not there yet.


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Loops of Zen

Loops of Zen is a fun little game in which you click on the tiles until all the loops are connected with no open ends left.


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Sushi Cat – The Game

This game is for Mari.  Sushi Cat takes almost no skill and is all about a cat eating sushi to impress .  It’s a bit like playing pinball with an ever-expanding ball.


December 28, 2010 at 12:37 pm 3 comments

Winter Break Activities @ Main Library

Monday, December 20th, 2PM:   Button Making

Tuesday, December 21st, 2PM: Holiday Candy Making

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2PM:  Duct Tape Creations

Monday, December 27th, 2PM:  Movie Day:  Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Tuesday, December 28th, 2PM:  Game On!  (Play Wii in the Living Room)

Wednesday, December 29th, 2PM:  Gamers Unplugged (Board Games)

Thursday, December 30th, 2PM & 7PM:  Bingo for Books!

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